An Introduction to Xpedition

Both veterans and newcomers to PCB systems design may appreciate this video on our website that showcases the evolution of PCB design over the past decades and the role that Mentor Graphics has played in this journey. While visiting our website, you may notice something else—we have introduced Xpedition, the new identity for our flagship PCB design flow.

Why have we introduced this new identity?

The technology in our upcoming release is groundbreaking and serves as a foundation for the next generation of proven, innovative thinking. It is so substantial that we believe it deserves a unique identity platform. But there is more to it than that.

Xpedition Identity

Xpedition represents the value and importance of the overall PCB design-to-manufacturing flow. For development organizations to be successful, they need to exploit every opportunity to drive greater productivity in their design flow while continuing to adjust for increasing complexity. This means they must reduce and eliminate process bottlenecks by deploying effective strategies for system definition, virtual prototyping, routing productivity, new product introduction, IP management, and design concurrency.

Proven Innovation

Since the 2005 release of Expedition Enterprise, Mentor Graphics has had a strong track record of delivering innovation tools including XtremePCB, CES, DxDesigner, and the world’s most productive PCB layout environment. This has made us the global leader, by far, in PCB systems design solutions. Xpedition builds on this legacy to deliver next-generation leadership technologies for modern PCB development teams.
Thank you to our customers for partnering with us in this ongoing journey. To those not yet familiar with us – we look forward to showcasing technologies that are, “jaw dropping…a huge leap in thinking and power,” as one Beta customer remarked.

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Commented on November 20, 2013 at 8:18 pm
By Yanfeng yu

Today PCB get more and more complex,with hundred thousands pins, and 70% net be high-speed, ten thousands shapes and very short TTM. It challengs the CAD tool’s capacity, performace etc. The design shoulb be finished on time and get correct at first time.


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