The Final Signatures (the meeting during the meeting)

Accellera and The SPIRIT Consortium Merger is Complete

An open SystemVerilog requirements gathering meeting sponsored by the IEEE Design Automation Standards Committee’s (DASC) SystemVerilog Study Group was hosted at Mentor Graphics after DVCon 2010. While the meeting room was packed with many of the world’s SystemVerilog cognoscenti – as well as many from around the world on the phone.


MGC-Victory-Room-Web Dave Rich posted his blog on the meeting and shared a link that allowed everyone to see the top-3 items Users and Producers sought from the next version of SystemVerilog.  But while Cliff was making his presentation on “Design Connectivity Features,” a few people slipped out of the room into the “Victory” room next door.

What can now be disclosed was the Accellera and The SPRIRIT Consortium representatives were signing final documents to ensure the merger of the two organizations, announced at DAC 2009, would become final.

Shrenik-Stan-Web Shrenik Mehta, for Accellera and Stan Krolikoski, for The Spirit Consortium could be seen taking pen to paper as the final signatures were done to cement the merger.  With final legal and governmental reviews complete, the merger became official and was announced today.  The press release crossed the wires this morning.  The merged organization will retain the Accellera name and have 8 active standards projects.  It has also recommitted that is is aligned to create formal standards through the IEEE Standards Association.

Congratulations to the merger teams and staff that worked hard to make it a smooth merger process.  Mentor Graphics looks forward to the benefits of the electronics industry when electronic design language-based standards are brought together with Intellectual Property (IP) standards.

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