OVM/VMM Interoperability Kit: It’s Ready!

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As I mentioned in a previous blog, the Accellera OVM/VMM Interoperability kit code that is a companion to the Verification Intellectual Property Recommended Practices (1MB PDF) was nearing readiness.  As of today, it is now ready for download and use.  With qualification tests run on verification platforms from the Big-3 EDA companies, no objection was voiced at a recent Accellera VIP-TSC meeting against it being released for general industry use and adoption.

Congratulations to the Accellera VIP-TSC for hitting this huge milestone!

This kit contains an OVM/VMM interoperability library that meets and exceeds the requirements recently approved by the Accellera VIP-TSC.  It includes a growing collection of adapters and utilities that enable easy and flexible reuse of existing IP in both OVM and VMM environments. Both library’s use-models are fully preserved, and no modifications to existing IP are needed.

Team OVM has created a version of the VMM 1.1b kit that needs to be downloaded from OVM World to work with the Accellera interoperability kit.  In addition to modifications needed to get VMM 1.1 in compliance with standard SystemVerilog and to workaround differences in simulator implementations, the VMM 1.1b kit also incorporates changes to enable interoperability with OVM.

To setup your environment requires making sure you have installed and are pointing to qualified versions of simulators, libraries, and utilities.  The release notes and overview documentation contained in the kit offer full details on how to use the kit.  Basic information is shown below.

VIP-TSC Interoperability Release Notes

The Accellera VIP-TSC welcomes suggestions for improvements to the Verification Intellectual Property Recommended Practices and Interoperability Kit.  They should be sent to the VIP email reflector: vip-tc@lists.accellera.org.

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