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IEEE Charles Proteus Steinmetz Award

I am honored to chair the IEEE Charles Proteus Steinmetz Award 2010 committee for selection the 2011 recipient.  The IEEE issued a call for nominations in November 2009 that will close on 31 January 2010.

The committee seeks your nominations.

The IEEE Charles Proteus Steinmetz Award was established by the IEEE Board of Directors in 1979.

It may be presented each year to an individual for exceptional contributions to the development and/or advancement of standards in electrical and electronics engineering.

Recipient selection is administered through the Technical Field Awards Council of the IEEE Awards Board and I am please to be the committee’s chair.  The award is presented to an individual only.

In the evaluation process, the following criteria are considered: engineering and administrative accomplishment and responsibilities, publications (books, standards, papers, conference);  honors; supporting letters; IEEE Activities, other organizations, and the quality of the nomination.

The award consists of a bronze medal, certificate and honorarium.

Who was Charles Proteus Steinmetz?

He was the mathematician and electrical engineer that fostered the development of alternating current that made possible the expansion of the electric power industry in the United States.

As an interesting aside, while alternating current is commonplace, it was only a few years back on 14 November 2007 when the last direct current electricity service ceased operation.

In an era of multiple standards, it often takes many years for one to triumph over the other.

While many individuals who have continued to advance power and energy standards within the IEEE have been honored with this award, pioneers of new standards like 802, WiFi and others center to important IEEE standards that impact virtually all of humanity have also received this award.

The awards committee is looking for candidates to stand along these giants.  Do you have someone to nominate?

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