IEEE Standards Association Awards Ceremony

Congratulation Peter!IEEE SA 2009 Awards

At the December 5, 2009 IEEE SA Awards Ceremony, the “Ron Waxman Design Automation Standards Committee (DASC) Meritorious Service” award was presented to Dr. Peter Ashenden.  He was recognized for “leadership in keeping the Design Automation standards Committee on the path to technical and organizational excellence during its formative years.”

While many who may use VHDL might recognize his name from his year of involvement in VHDL standardization and the books he has authored on VHDL and digital logic design, Dr. Ashenden, or Peter as we call him in the DASC, offered his leadership to the standards group several years back.dasc-2009-award

During Peter’s tenure, there were many discussions on by users that corporate participation should play a key role to underpin EDA standards development.  Peter set in motion a plan that culminated in strong corporate backing of the development of DASC standards.  Peter’s key role in the evolution of EDA standard development is justly recognized with this award.

It was great to have Peter at the ceremony, having traveled from Australia to accept his award.  Many in the DASC were also on hand for the presentation of the award to Peter, including Ron Waxman, for whom the award is named.

Karen, Victor, Ron, Peter & Dennis

Karen, Victor, Ron, Peter & Dennis

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