Doing What You Can’t

Every day we are told about what we can’t do. You can’t do an Ironman without training for it. You can’t eat your dessert first  because you won’t be able to finish your meal. You can’t take your geometry straight out of CAD for analysis – you need to simplify it first. Yup… our lives are full of things we can’t (or perhaps shouldn’t) do. I know that there is a good reason for a lot of them but sometimes we should all be reminded that’s not the case all the time.

That’s why I love this ad from Samsung. Do what you can’t. That is something we do every day.

Our old FloEFD cow traveled far and wide including a mention by Steve Martin in a tweet. This is the new improved one. It was created because we enjoy doing what “we can’t”. Image courtesy of Dr. Robin Bornoff. All rights reserved.

When we talked about opening the world of CFD to the design engineer, we were told you can’t do that – CFD was much too complex to be used by design engineers.

When we talked about our intelligent technology that makes it easy to mesh even very complex geometries, we were told you can’t do that.

When we talked about needing fewer mesh cells to solve a problem without sacrificing accuracy, we were told you can’t do that.

When we talked about reducing the overall simulation time by up to 65-75%, we were told you can’t do that.

Turns out our customers do it every day with FloEFD. But don’t take my word for it…. here are some of their stories.

So the next time someone says you can’t, what will you do?
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