Lofty Goals Part Two

By 2021, Mars One anticipates having delivered materials for an entire settlement to the Mars surface. In addition to astronauts, the foundation intends to send a total of six modules, two living units, two life support units, a second supply unit, and a second rover to the Red Planet within the next eight years.

The two rovers will move all the equipment to the colony site and prepare for the first human inhabitants. A second 24/7/365 video stream will begin its broadcast as the two rovers meet for the first time and their relationship blossoms. (Fingers crossed.)

2022 – The colony is expected to be producing water, oxygen, and atmosphere by early 2022. It is at this point that Mars One will give the long-awaited “go-for-launch” after which components of the Mars transit vehicle will be assembled in preparation for the launch into low Earth orbit.

In September 2022, the first four interplanetary pioneers will be hurled toward Mars, a small red dot millions of miles away. This, as has been the case with everything else, will be broadcast 24/7/365.

2023 – The first Mars One astronauts (and settlers) land in 2023! The first humans arrive on Mars, link all the capsules, kick-off food production, and set up the remaining solar panels for power production. A few weeks after arrival, five more cargo units will arrive and bring additional living units, life support units, and a third rover. This epic milestone in the history of mankind will be broadcast 24/7/365 back at home on the Blue Planet.

2025 – In June of this year, the second crew of four astronauts will arrive—and likely infuse the broadcast with some much-anticipated drama. The first crew will have completed the settlement in preparation for the arrival of their peers.

This mil/aero geek, for one, cannot wait to view the four high-definition video feeds of our brave new friends on Mars.

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