Lofty Goals Part One

Mars One management in the Netherlands has outlined the not-for-profit foundation’s goals and mission plan for 2013 through 2025. It is an interesting read and exciting proposition.

Can Mars One and its global sponsors achieve the lofty goal of the first human settlement on Mars? They will, if all goes to plan:

2013 – Build a replica of the proposed Mars settlement in a cold, arid, desolate environment to mimic the less than hospitable conditions on Mars and to serve as a training facility for astronauts. This event also kicks off the Mars reality show, to be broadcast worldwide for all to see.

2014 – Prepare the supply missions, the first of which is scheduled to launch in 2016, as well as develop the first communications satellite to orbit the Red Planet. Satellite communications will keep the viewing public and scientific communities updated on the latest Mars colony activities as they unfold.

2016 – The first supply mission takes flight in January and reaches its destination on Mars in October 2016. It is expected to land in the proposed colony site with more than 5000 pounds of equipment, including parts, solar panels, and general supplies using the SpaceX Falcon Heavy as the launch vehicle and a modified SpaceX Dragon as the delivery vessel.

2018 – The first colonial rover will land on Mars. The general site for the settlement has been selected but the rover’s job is to find the “ideal spot” within the selected region for the colony to be built. A video feed from the rover will be broadcast back to earth 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

This mil/aero geek’s interest is piqued. Will you tune into Mars colony coverage on TV?

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