Vive la competition

Airbus and The Boeing Company might appear to have little in common, but they certainly share a fascinating, and even intertwined, history. Both aviation firms are pioneers, having contributed numerous innovations in the field throughout the years. As technology advancements, new aircraft models, and litigations continue in the years that follow, so too does the competition between the two airframe manufacturers.

Competition might feel like a four-letter word to Airbus and Boeing executives (this geek is almost certain it does most times), but it is most often a boon for the aviation community, the global economy, and the general public.

“One important benefit of competition is a boost to innovation. Competition among companies can spur the invention of new or better products, or more efficient processes. Firms may race to be the first to market a new or different technology. Innovation also benefits consumers with new and better products, helps drive economic growth, and increases standards of living. Products that are commonplace today once were technological breakthroughs… innovation can change your life, and increase prosperity,” reads the “How Competition Works” from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC). [If you are interested in the topic and learning more about the benefits of competition, consider visiting and such quick-read literature as can be found at the following link:]

This geek could go on and on but digresses, however, so back to the rival aircraft manufacturers and recent, relationship-shaping events in the next and final installments of the airplane pioneer series.

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