Bell Helicopter: On Time, Every Time in 2011

Military and aerospace (mil/aero) program performance, efficiency, and contract fulfillment—as well as the deliverables they provide—are of paramount importance not only to the customer running the program and awarding the contracts, but also the end user, who is often eagerly awaiting the innovation, technologies, and capabilities. Expenses are up, schedules are tight, and programs get cancelled, but not for Bell Helicopter.

Bell Helicopter delivers military and civil helicopters for a variety of applications, including search and rescue, medical evacuation, and more. In fact, 65 percent of the company’s business hails from the defense market. Bell Helicopter officials revealed, during a recent industry event, that the company had a record year with strong military program execution.

Bell Helicopter President and CEO John Garrison revealed that, throughout 2011, the company delivered on or ahead of schedule—a rarity, especially in challenging economic times, such as those the mil/aero market faced in 2011.

While some companies struggle to deliver a singular product on time, Bell provides complex, intricate, modern military and civil helicopter platforms on or ahead of schedule. But how?

Bell Helicopter’s Garrison credits the company’s successful track record to the Bell slogan and mantra: “One Bell.” It is a “culture based on problem-solving, rather than finger-pointing” and one in which all work with tenacity and as a unified team, Garrison says of the entire enterprise.

No doubt, teamwork, dedication, and a positive attitude can do much to ensure success, yet Bell Helicopter also employs innovative software designed to deliver a cohesive, streamlined design and development workflow. This geek is talking about electronic design automation (EDA).

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