Mentor Graphics Capital gives PKC Group the Edge

Just this month, PKC Eesti AS, a supplier of electrical wiring harnesses to European truck makers and a subsidiary of Finland’s PKC Group Oyj, announced that it is deploying the latest technology from the Mentor Graphics Capital suite of tools at its factory in Estonia. Among the tools adopted is the Capital HarnessXC product, which is designed to enable harness engineers to create detailed, validated, and manufacturing-ready harness designs rapidly and easily.

Whether used as a standalone harness design and engineering tool or within an integrated workflow, Capital HarnessXC is highly configurable. Companies, such as PKC Group, can tailor the tool to meet their precise needs, both in terms of graphical output and the way designs are created and validated. The tool features rules-based collaborative design merge functions to provide automated integration of multi-source design inputs at a detailed level; in this way, it helps to simplify the process, facilitate collaboration, and raise the efficiency of collaborative design.

One PKC Group official believes Mentor Graphics’ software gives the company a competitive advantage. “The latest technology can be an important differentiator in this very competitive business,” Jani Kiljala, PKC Eesti AS general manager, explains. “PKC will benefit from several Capital HarnessXC advanced capabilities that directly contribute to improving design quality, reducing design time, and enhancing business flexibility.

“In addition to class leading integration with common 3D MCAD (mechanical computer-aided design) tools, the ability to render design data in multiple graphical appearances is very powerful in our industry,” Kiljala continues. “I am also particularly interested in Capital ModularXC, which clearly delivers a substantial step up in automated production support.”

This geek celebrates the innovation of PKG Group officials and engineers in adopting electronic design automation (EDA) technology, and would like to hear that defense organizations are as proactive in the realm of ground combat vehicles.

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