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1 May, 2017

This week I will be at the Embedded Systems Conference in Boston. Each year, there are a number of ESC events around the US – some are more permanent and successful than others. ESC Boston has been revived in recent years and I have been fortunate enough to have some papers accepted and have the opportunity to visit one of my favorite American cities. This year is no exception … Read the rest of this entry »

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28 November, 2016

ESCNext week, the California ESC event takes place and it is back in San Jose this year. I was planning to be there, as I had a paper accepted. Sadly, I needed to cancel my trip and a colleague will present on my behalf. Here are the details of the paper:

Dynamic Memory Allocation & Fragmentation in C & C++

In C and C++, it can be very convenient to allocate and de-allocate blocks of memory as and when needed. This is certainly standard practice in both languages and almost unavoidable in C++. However, the handling of such dynamic memory can be problematic and inefficient. For desktop applications, where memory is freely available, these difficulties can be ignored. For embedded – generally real time – applications, ignoring the issues is not an option.
Dynamic memory allocation tends to be non-deterministic; the time taken to allocate memory may not be predictable and the memory pool may become fragmented, resulting in unexpected allocation failures. In this session the problems will be outlined in detail and an approach to deterministic dynamic memory allocation detailed.

I am sad to be missing the show, but I hope it goes well. If you would like a copy of my presentation, please contact me via email or social media.

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13 July, 2015

For me, the Embedded Systems Conference has been an important date on my calendar for many years. The conference has been given various different names over the years, but I am glad that its identity has finally been restored. The event has moved around the year somewhat and similar events have been organized at other locations around the world.

The Silicon Valley ESC, which takes place next week, is somehow the “real thing” … Read the rest of this entry »

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27 April, 2015

The first Embedded Systems Conference [ESC] took place in San Jose back in the early 1990s [if I recall correctly]. The annual conference quickly became the key event for learning about embedded systems and spawned other, similar events at various other US locations and abroad. In recent years, there have been changes of ownership and lots of rebranding – every year the conference seemed to have a new name!

But, in 2015, it is time to return to terminology we all recognize and there are a number of ESC events scheduled. The first is next week in Boston, MA … Read the rest of this entry »

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31 March, 2014

It is that time of year again! For many folks in the embedded software business, the arrival of Spring means that it must be time for the Embedded Systems Conference [ESC]. Over the years it has spawned a number of variants across the US [Chicago and Boston at least] and abroad [Brazil, India and UK come to mind]. But I think that most people regard the West coast event [in San Jose, then San Francisco, then back to San Jose] as “the original”. In recent years it has had other names and is now known as EE Live! [must nor forget the “!”], where ESC is just a part.

ESC is this week at the San Jose Convention Center. I will be there, as usual, and look forward to seeing what is new in the business, meeting old friends and colleagues and, I hope, meeting a few blog readers face to face. So, if you are in town, please stop by the Mentor Embedded booth [#1812 – just think of Tchaikovsky] and look out for me. I will be around the earlier part of the day on Wednesday and throughout the show hours on Thursday. Apart from meeting me, there’s a chance to win a GoPro HERO 3+ Camera!

I have two conference presentations:

  • Self-testing in Embedded Systems
  • USB 3 – An Introduction for Embedded Software Developers

If you would like a copy of my slides, please email. See you there!

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19 March, 2012

Next week, the Embedded Systems Conference will take place in San Jose, California. Except that it has a new name: ESC is now part of DESIGN West, which is an aggregate of a number of conferences. Personally, I do not care for the new name, as the word “design” has a very broad meaning way beyond electronic systems. But I guess I will get used to it.

The event will be interesting from many viewpoints. It is the largest trade show and conference in North America dedicated to embedded systems, so there is something for everyone. With indications that business is beginning to recover from the recent financial challenges, I am looking forward to seeing what innovations are being showcased this year.

Of course, Mentor Embedded will be there, but we are taking a different approach this year … Read the rest of this entry »

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