Which embedded programming language?

I am doing some work on a future project for which I need some information about languages used by embedded software developers. I have access to lots of market studies and surveys, but I would rather endeavor to learn from real engineers – that’s you! And there are prizes!

So, I am conducting a very simple survey. I am after your response – by email – to the following:

  1. What programming language(s) do you currently use specifically for embedded software development?
  2. What language(s) have you used in the past? [A vague idea of dates would be useful.]
  3. Any other comments/thoughts/ideas that you have on the matter.

To make it interesting, I will make a drawing from the responses that I receive, and the first two will each receive a free [signed if you want] copy of Embedded Software: The Works.

The closing date for the draw is Midnight [Pacific Time] on Friday 12 July.

Thanks and good luck.

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