Measuring RTOS performance – a Web seminar

There is still a common misconception that a real time system is simply one that responds quickly to demands. Although a real time system may, indeed, be fast, its key characteristic is predictability. A real time system is deterministic – its response to an event will occur in a timely fashion, neither too quickly nor too slowly.

It is common to use a real time operating system [RTOS – like our own Nucleus product] to build such an embedded system, as, properly used, this enables the application’s determinism to be maintained regardless of changes or enhancements to its functionality. So, when you start considering the purchase of an RTOS, it is very likely that you will need detailed knowledge of the timing characteristics of the RTOS…

You might rely on the vendor to supply timing sheets for an RTOS. That is fine if you are 100% clear about how to interpret the provided information. You might choose to make the measurements yourself. How would you go about doing this?

These dilemmas provide the basis for a presentation that I have used, in various forms, at a selection of conferences in recent months. We appreciate that not everyone can afford to travel or spare the time to attend major conferences, which may be located far from home. So, the next best thing is a Web seminar. I will presenting a session at Noon US Central Time on next Thursday [17 May]. You can read details and register here. I will keep the presentation part of the session as snappy as possible, leaving good time for a Q&A.

If you are unable to attend, a recording of the whole session will be available soon after the event.

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