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18 October, 2011

It would only have cost me an extra £170, a small extra compared to the cost of the rest of the build, but I decided against laying thermal insulation boards directly under the underfloor electric heating mats. Surely better to leak some of the heat down to heat the 100mm thick concrete screed which would maintain its heat through those cold winter weeks, giving thermal support to the heating mats in heating the room space above. I’d convinced myself that that would be the case. Penny wise but pound foolish. I should have thermally simulated my assumptions before hand.

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19 August, 2011

3D simulation can provide a detailed prediction of temperature and heat flux values at 10s of 1000s of points in a 3D model, experimental methods are somewhat limited in terms of the wealth of data they are capable of providing. But hey, this isn’t going to degrade into a pitched battle between simulators and experimentalists, nowadays good engineers (should) do both. “No one believes simulation results apart from the person who performed them whilst everyone believes experimental results apart from the person who took them”, a seminal quote indeed. Whereas thermocouples will provide a point value temperature measurement, infrared thermography will provide 2D surface temperature images, much more akin to the type of output available from simulation tools such as FloTHERM and FloVENT.

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11 August, 2011

It’s been over two years since the foundations went in for the extension we’re building on our house. In that time I’ve come to respect and somewhat rely on glib phrases such as “Good things come to those who wait” and “Patience is a virtue”. I told my better half we’d be moved in by Christmas, I didn’t say which one though. In this blog series of the time I used FloVENT to simulate the beneficial thermal effects of the layer of sub-floor expanded foam insulation that UK building regulations insist on. There’s not much point in insulation unless you’ve added some heat to keep inside. Being located in quite a rural location we’re not on the gas mains, we haven’t got an oil tank to power a boiler so the only heating options are wall mounted electric storage heaters or underfloor electric heating mats. I’m not a big fan of wearing socks inside and I don’t like cold feet. I opted for the latter.

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