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This geek is excitedly gearing up for the Mentor Graphics Integrated Electrical Solutions Forum (IESF) for mil/aero design engineers, managers, and executives.

Thank you to those who have written with questions. I would like to allay any concerns, such as those of professionals whom have previously been burned by or are skeptical of the value of free, vendor-hosted events. Fear not! Yet, I can understand any trepidation based on past experience.

I once spent a considerable amount of my tight travel budget on a free, vendor-sponsored event and was somewhat disappointed to find myself in an all-day PowerPoint presentation delivered by a salesman (even so, I networked at the event and gleaned value from it). Have no such concerns about the IESF. The presenters are high-level and high-quality and provide insight into and information on the latest industry challenges and trends.

The morning keynote at IESF 2011 is Aaron Shin, senior director at Raytheon, who will present his talk, entitled “The Art of Storytelling—Identifying Lean Product Development Opportunities and Developing a Clear and Compelling Business Case.”

Following Shin is Richard Aboulafia, vice president of analysis at Teal Group, who will provide insight on the aircraft and defense markets, which are outperforming the economy. It is always a treat to see Aboulafia present—he’s charismatic, packs a wealth of market information and analysis in a single discussion, and entertains myriad questions from the audience. (His schedule is such that he often leaves afterward, so I strongly encourage you to ask your questions!)

Also presenting are Marc Duguay, electrical wire interconnection system (EWIS) design and assurance manager at Bombardier, and Luke Rice, an electrical design engineer at ATK.

Keep your questions and comments coming, and let this geek know what mil/aero events you’re attending.

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