Is it Time to “Bring the Power” to your Front-End Design?

I’ve visited with many customers over the past couple of months at seminars, user group meetings and other venues.  One thing that is consistent with everyone I spoke to – they are way too busy, and their companies are understaffed.  They admit that they need to find ways to work more productively, but don’t have the time to look, much less implement new tools and processes.

A great place to improve design efficiencies is in the front-end; the schematic capture environment.  Functionality like a component information system, integration to simulation, variant management, tight integration with layout, including the ability to add your design rules on the schematic, all will improve your productivity.

Mentor is making it easy for you to look at improving your front-end with a webinar on DxDesigner.  The first is titled “Unleash the Full Power of Your PCB Design Software Tools” on October 30.


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