RTOS in demand

As I mentioned previously, I presented a Web seminar last week. The topic was the measurement of RTOS performance. To be frank, I was unsure how popular this might be, though I have found that, at conferences, the topic seems to draw a reasonable audience, so I was quietly optimistic.

As it turned out, there was a very good attendance, with lots of questions, which kept me busy right up until the end of our 60 minute slot. A recording of the event will soon be available here. If you would like a copy of the slides, please email me.

It would be very easy to assume, looking at technical articles and conference agendas, that embedded Linux had taken over totally and conventional RTOS products were on the wane. But this really is not the case. If you have constrained resources [like memory] and/or tight real time requirements, an RTOS is still the ideal option. These parameters were covered in this session briefly, but in more detail in a Web seminar I did a while ago.

I am pleased to report that demand for RTOS products like Nucleus remains as strong as ever.

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