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2 July, 2015

I enjoy cooking and like to try new things from time to time, as well as preparing old favorites. Normally I look for a recipe and the obvious place that I start is the Internet. The result is that many recipes that I find are American, which can mean that ingredients are unavailable or have odd names, but I can generally get around that. It also means the measurements are unfamiliar. Temperature is in Farenheit, weights are in ounces and liquids might come in fluid ounces. However, they might come in cups … Read the rest of this entry »

22 June, 2015

I have another article published over at This time I am looking at an interesting adaptation of technology, where investment in one context is yielding benefits in another. It can be a significant overhead adding a user interface to a deeply embedded system, but there is an interesting option which is worth investigating … Read the rest of this entry »

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18 June, 2015

I am not a superstitious person. As I have a strong interest and faith in science, I believe that there is a rational explanation for everything. In some cases, we might not have mastered the necessary science, but we will get there. After all, to anyone from, say, the 19th Century, much of our everyday technology today would appear to be magic. I do like an interesting coincidence, but these can commonly be explained by the 6 degrees of separation.

However, occasionally odd things do happen … Read the rest of this entry »

15 June, 2015

Computers have had operating systems almost since the beginning – 60 years or so anyway. Embedded systems are a bit newer, of course, and it was the early 1980s when the first OS products appeared. Naturally, they were real time operating systems [RTOSes], as this matched the needs of the systems being built, as it often does today. The first commercially available RTOS was [probably] VRTX [pronounced “vertex”], which was developed by a company called Hunter & Ready, which became Ready Systems. They were acquired by Microtec Research, where I was working at the time. We got acquired by Mentor Graphics, where I still am today. VRTX was mothballed a few years ago and we moved on to selling the Nucleus RTOS after the acquisition of Accelerated Technology.

The RTOS market has always been interesting, with lots of options. There are around 200 products on the market, but still there are more companies trying to get in on the act … Read the rest of this entry »

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11 June, 2015

I recently mentioned that I was planning – or at least seriously considering – moving from Windows to Mac as my primary computing platform. I immediately received some very positive responses from guys who have already made the move and were keen to share their enthusiasm. I thought that this might be a good time for an interim report on my progress.

When my wife asked me what I thought of the MacBook Pro after I had been using it for a while, I used a word which she did not believe she had ever heard me utter before. Suffice it to say, in summary, I will quote a well-known vendor of fine food: “I’m lovin’ it” … Read the rest of this entry »

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4 June, 2015

All through my career I have traveled quite lot for my work and find it hard to imagine any other kind of life. It can be hard to explain to people, who have not experienced business travel, that it is not one long vacation, particularly because, at times, it can be fun. It is also tiring. I cannot fully explain why just moving around the planet leaves me so weary. Certainly the hassles at airports etc. take their toll, but I think that just adapting to change is more taxing than one might expect.

Our high tech world helps us cope with change in some ways – keeping in touch with home has never been easier – but it also introduces new challenges … Read the rest of this entry »


1 June, 2015

It is common for C to provide several different ways to do something, all of which are exactly equivalent. For example, given that x is a normal int variable:

x = x + 1;

is exactly equivalent to:

x += 1;



The only possible difference is that a less capable compiler might generate slightly better code for the second and third options [which would be a hint that getting a better compiler would be worthwhile].

However, sometimes constructs that appear to be equivalent have very subtle differences … Read the rest of this entry »

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28 May, 2015

I have been using PCs for about 30 years. Initially, they ran MS-DOS. Windows was an option for some years, but was not compelling. Then Windows 3.1 was released and, all of a sudden, so it seemed, that was the way forward. I never looked back. I have used Windows ever since – both through personal choice and my employers’ requirement – through numerous versions: 95, 98, [avoided ME], 2000, NT, XP, [avoided Vista] and 7; have never tried 8/8.1

That was then; this is now. Sometimes in life, enough is enough … Read the rest of this entry »


25 May, 2015

It is hard to believe that it is almost 20 years since Mentor Graphics started to build a presence in the embedded software world by acquiring Microtec Research [and getting me as a result]. There has been much development and numerous other acquisitions [most notably Accelerated Technology] since then and the Embedded Systems Division [a.k.a. Mentor Embedded] has gone from strength to strength.

However, the worlds of embedded software and electronic design automation [EDA] have remained surprisingly separate … Read the rest of this entry »

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21 May, 2015

For me, it is always a pleasure when a number of my interests become aligned – sometimes the resulting whole is greater than the sum of the parts. This happened with digital photography, for example. For years I had used film and I had worked with and enjoyed computers; now they have come together nicely. Just recently, I heard about something that promised to yield the same kind of benefit … Read the rest of this entry »


18 May, 2015

The Internet of Things – IoT – continues to be a subject that sparks conversation, publication and numerous activities in the world of embedded software. Recently, I was at ESC Boston and IoT featured widely in presentations there. At the same time, some colleagues of mine were at another dedicated IoT conference in California. Going forward, there are a lot more IoT things happening … Read the rest of this entry »

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14 May, 2015

There is an old cliché, which says that the point of traveling is not to reach a destination, but to experience the journey. And I think there may be a lot of truth in that. This is the reason why driving a car is my least favorite way of getting around. When driving, almost all one’s attention is needed to control the car, so there is little opportunity to look around. Public transportation [bus, train, airplane or even taxi] is better because someone else is doing the driving. The best way to fully appreciate an environment is to walk – and I do a lot of that. However, there are limits to the distance one can cover in a limited time. So, the ideal compromise, IMHO, is a bicycle … Read the rest of this entry »


11 May, 2015

When somebody asks about what I do for a job or what I enjoy doing [which can amount to much the same thing], I am likely to answer that I am a communicator. I enjoy writing and do lots of it. I enjoy speaking to an audience at a conference or whatever and I do a fair amount of that too. To date, this has all gone quite well for me. But maybe that will change … Read the rest of this entry »


7 May, 2015

As anyone who knows me will be aware, photography is my main hobby. Seeing, taking and sharing my pictures gives me a lot of pleasure. Some time ago, I started a project to blog a picture every day for a year. There was no intention that the picture was to be taken on the day of posting; I was just looking for a vehicle to show some of my work. The project has about a month to run now and you can follow it at

I thought that I would choose 6 of my favorite pictures for my “Six of the Best” series of blog postings. In order to focus my choice, I decided that the images should all be new, so I have only considered pictures shot since 1 January 2015 … Read the rest of this entry »

4 May, 2015

A while ago, I concluded that it might be useful to highlight the publication of online articles, that I had written, here. So, I made a series of postings to catch up, listing articles that have appeared regularly on over the past couple of years. That catch-up process is now complete and I can now provide a notification as and when publications occur … Read the rest of this entry »

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27 April, 2015

The first Embedded Systems Conference [ESC] took place in San Jose back in the early 1990s [if I recall correctly]. The annual conference quickly became the key event for learning about embedded systems and spawned other, similar events at various other US locations and abroad. In recent years, there have been changes of ownership and lots of rebranding – every year the conference seemed to have a new name!

But, in 2015, it is time to return to terminology we all recognize and there are a number of ESC events scheduled. The first is next week in Boston, MA … Read the rest of this entry »

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23 April, 2015

A wise person once said “Getting old is hard, but the alternative is worse.” and I am not about to argue with that. There are days when I feel old, but most of the time I regard my age is just a number. I have a busy, fulfilling life and I’m mostly healthy. For this, I am grateful. In 2014 I attended no less than 3 funerals. One was for my elderly mother-in-law; she’s was in her 90s – that was OK. The other two were friends in their early 60s and that was not OK. It made me think about how I live my life and spend my time.

It also made me think about my Dad … Read the rest of this entry »

20 April, 2015

This past week, medical systems have been on my mind. It is not because I am sick – at the time of writing I am nursing a heavy cold, but that does not need medical intervention. It was my annual visit to my ophthalmologist that started me thinking about medical instrumentation. Most people have sight checks every 2 years, but as my father is Type 1 diabetic and suffered glaucoma many years ago, a more frequent check on my eyes seems prudent. This is why I got to experience all the medical electronics.

I was given a thumbs up – nothing to worry about with my eyes – which is always a relief, but, as I said, it left me pondering all the technology that was brought to bear … Read the rest of this entry »

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16 April, 2015

It was not long ago that I wrote about driving slowly and I should say that, most of the time I am OK with that. However, I am excited about an ongoing project to set a new land speed record. The current record, which is just over the speed of sound [about 760mph], was set way back in 1997 by Andy Green, a fighter pilot in the Royal Air Force.

But Andy is now back to make an attempt to beat his own record … Read the rest of this entry »

13 April, 2015

In a number of different fields – notably medical, military, avionics, industrial and automotive – there is an increasing focus on safety and security, which results in a higher demand for certification of systems. Such certifications include FDA 510K [medical], DO-178C [avionics], IEC 61508 [industrial] and ISO 26262 [automotive].

Certification of software is a big subject, requiring specialist expertise and often a large budget. But all embedded developers would be wise to have a grasp of the basics … Read the rest of this entry »

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6 April, 2015

I am a strong advocate for not “reinventing the wheel”. Doing something from scratch, unless you really have a novel approach that will yield some improvement over what has been done before, is rarely sensible outside of an educational context.

But sometimes it can be useful to understand some of the underlying principles of something that you plan to utilize … Read the rest of this entry »

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30 March, 2015

Nowadays, all computer users just take USB for granted. Plug a device in and it just works. Those of us who remember the Bad Old Days – i.e. before USB – probably appreciate it rather more, as we can remember the challenges involved in adding the simplest of peripherals to a PC. Another angle on USB is the embedded software perspective, where the underlying complexity is laid bare. To me, that is more interesting.

USB does not stand still and its evolution is continuing apace … Read the rest of this entry »

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